In a community, we take care of each other

In the circumstances in which we live, this awareness is even more indispensable, going through self-responsibility with one’s hygiene, habits, and behavior. All these to minimize the chances of possibly transmitting the virus to others.

Aiming at the welfare of our community, observe and strictly comply with the established routines, with a constant focus on the health and safety of students and employees. On this website, you will find very important guidelines, such as our “Anticovid protocols” as well as our “Return plan”.

About the school in 2022

For the operation of the branches in 2022, we continue to deepen our research on the practices adopted by several schools around the world that, equally, have gone through this delicate period. In this context, we follow the updates published by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), and city hall determinations regarding private schools. In addition, we always follow the guidelines and orientations of the competent official bodies.

We design our plan following principles that safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of our students and employees.

We ensure the implementation, communication and reinforcement of the following recommended precautions:

Regular hand washing before and after every activity.

Availability of alcohol gel in circulation areas and classrooms.

Use of masks at all times determined by segment.

Focus on natural ventilation and constant cleaning of air conditioners.

Recurrent cleaning of surfaces.

In order to minimize the risk of contamination within the school community, we created a Monitoring Cell — specially designed to ensure the health of the entire Gurilândia + Land community, in a safe return to face-to-face activities. This Cell is formed by a multidisciplinary team, with members of the areas of The Infirmary, Operations and Medical Consulting of Infectologists.

Partnership with families is a fundamental part of this care initiative, since transparency regarding symptoms and diagnoses of students and home contacts will be indispensable for this follow-up work of monitoring and protecting the community.

The Cell aims, through monitoring and follow-up of suspected cases, to reduce the risk of contamination within the school community, using:

To ensure that students and/or employees who show symptoms or have had close contact with people who have tested positive are removed until any suspicion is ruled out.

To keep the coordination and management informed in real time of the situation within the branch, alerting families when necessary.

To understand the behaviour and distribution of cases within the campus, if there is concentration in any cluster/segment.

According to decree no. 35.110, of January 31, 2022, what are the protocols?

Article I The following sectoral protocol for the operation of class activities is defined with the presence of students from public and private schools in the municipality of Salvador:


II – the following guidelines for the use of masks should be observed:

a) Students, employees, teachers, parents and guardians, visitors and service providers must use masks to access the Institution and mandatorily maintain use;

b) Educational Institutions must monitor the use of masks by all students;

c) Early Childhood Education students (0 to 5 years old) will not be required to wear masks during classes or to access the school; however, they must be instructed to avoid physical contact;

d) Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will not be required to wear masks, according to the sole paragraph of art. 2 of Municipal Decree No. 33,719, of April 3, 2021;

e) Special attention must be given to other health conditions that make it impossible to wear the mask;

f) Students, employees, teachers, parents and guardians, visitors and service providers should be instructed to sanitize/wash their masks daily at home or change them depending on the type of mask.


XIII – The following guidelines related to the emergence of Covid-19 symptoms and confirmed cases should be observed:

a) Suspected case of Covid-19: Individual with at least two (2) of the following symptoms:

1. Fever (even if referred);
2. Chills;
3. Sore throat;
4. Headache;
5. Cough;
6. Runny nose;
7. Partial or complete loss of sense of smell;
8. Partial or complete loss of taste.

b) In addition to the signs/symptoms listed in the paragraph of this article, the following signs and symptoms should also be considered for children:

1. Nasal obstruction, in the absence of another specific diagnosis;
2. Also observe cyanosis nasal wing beats;
3. Intercostal tachycardia (retraction of the intercostal spaces);
4. Dehydration;
5. Lack of appetite;
6. Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea).

c) Covid-19 confirmed case: Individual with RT-PCR test result (detectable) or antigen test result (reagent) for SARS COV-2 virus.

d) Rapid or serological tests (IgM and IgG) with reagent results will not be considered as confirmation criteria.

XIV – The following guidelines for withdrawal from activities/social isolation must be observed:

1. If the student/teacher/employee is suspected to have Covid-19, the guidance is to have the recommended diagnostic testing (RT-PCR or antigen) done between the 3rd and 5th day of the start date of the symptom and begin social isolation immediately upon confirmation for Covid-19;

2. If the student/teacher/employee is a confirmed case for Covid-19 and presents symptoms as described in item XIII, paragraphs a) and b), the guidance is to carry out social isolation, for a period of 10 days after the start date of symptoms (symptomatic), returning only after 24 hours without symptoms, such as fever without the use of antipyretics and respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough and others);

3. In the confirmed case for Covid-19 in which the student/teacher/employee does not have symptoms (asymptomatic), the orientation is to perform social isolation for seven days after the date of collection (asymptomatic) returning only after 24 hours.

XV – The following guidelines must be observed regarding continuity of operation of the Institutions:

a) In the hypotheses described in the table in Annex I, taken from the official site of the Ministry of Health, with the new isolation time recommendations for Covid-19 cases, the activities in educational institutions will continue with the remaining students and teachers, following the regulation established in this Decree with the recommendation of emphasis on the use of mask, alcohol gel, and a ventilated environment;

b) Under no circumstances will there be suspension of classes or the operation of schools on account of suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, restricting removal to those who are naturally away on the basis of the recommendations set out in Annex I.


Annex I


Suspected case, confirmed case, or home contact, the employee or the student’s family should:

Students – Family of the student should contact coordination and Monitoring Cell segment immediately;

Employees – They should immediately contact their management team. Then, this sector will alert the Monitoring Cell;

Contact with the Monitoring Cell can be made via WhatsApp: (71) 3045-7459.

Hygiene and cleaning

All the technical procedures of the cleaning and conservation services of our branches have been reviewed and implemented by our technical team; as well as the entire review of the Brazilian procedures, taking into consideration the best practices in other countries, mainly China and the UK.

The new procedures take into consideration cleaning frequency, adequate chemical inputs that have proven to be effective against the new virus, and procedures. Our professionals are also able to work with technical cleaning and sanitization, which will give us more security in the processes and speed in our responses.

Upon arrival at the school, we will make sanitizing mats available, which are intended to sanitize shoes and act as containment barriers. Also at the entrance of the branches, everyone will sanitize their hands with alcohol gel. Our totems are pedal-operated, providing safer hygiene. Alcohol gel dispensers will be available in all classrooms, common areas and circulation areas. Sharing objects will be prevented. Each student must have his or her own Back to School Kit, containing:

1. Water bottle (preferably thermos);
2. Metal cutlery for in-room meals;
3. Table mat to cover the table at mealtimes;
4. Face/hand towel;
5. Napkin (preferably cloth);
6. 70% alcohol gel;
7. Pencil case;
8. Kit with 2 masks (cloth or plastic) in sealed bags, separated and identified as “dirty” and “clean”;
9. For Children, non-slip socks.

Objects that are difficult to sanitize will be removed from the Children’s spaces. Increased frequency of cleaning in the branches:

a) Cleaning will be divided into three – recurring cleaning, intermediate cleaning, and daily cleaning:

1. Recurrent cleaning will be concentrated in the bathrooms and delicate areas, such as handrails, switches, doorknobs, etc;
2. Intermediate cleaning will occur twice in classrooms and five times in common areas during operational hours;
3. Daily cleaning will be carried out at the end of the day, after the operational hours, with an intense cleaning and sanitization process.

This process will occur in two stages, called manual cleaning and disinfection. In manual cleaning, we apply water and detergent to remove dust, grease, and other dirt that ends up protecting the microorganisms from the action of the disinfectant. After this process, we apply the disinfectant chemical product.

b) In addition, in common areas, there will be sanitization at every bubble change.

  • Expanded signposts reinforcing the new school rules and protocols as well as the golden rule and sanitation procedures.
  • In Kindergarten, children and adults will be without shoes, or with non-slip socks, inside the classroom.