Land School is a school that develops a bold pedagogical proposal for students from the 5th grade on. The project combines bilingual academic instruction – in Portuguese and English – with the effective and innovative use of space and technological resources.

Our teaching proposal is flexible and dynamic, as is the educational action, because the instability of the new times requires that school life prepares the individual to constantly adapt his or her way of learning and interacting with knowledge. And for our students to mature such a capacity of adaptation, during Elementary II and High School, the School incorporates to its didactic repertoire, approaches that overlap the integral education of the subjects in the different phases of adolescence.

Our pedagogical project organizes its programs by combining academic rigor with a strong commitment to the ethical formation of the subjects. We seek to form agents of change; subjects sensitive to the condition of their peers; individuals committed to social transformation and aware of their responsibility to establish themselves in the world in a sustainable way.


To graduate a new generation of agents of change who are able to achieve personal career fulfillment with ethics and social responsibility.


We will inspire academic and personal growth in our students by encouraging inquiry, stimulating creativity and innovation, embracing cross-cultural perspectives, and fostering social engagement.